hand baked in Tasmania with love



Why Vegan and Grain free Dog Snacks? 

At Animal Hemp Co we pride ourselves on using wholesome, high quality, functional foods in our snacks. These snacks are filled with bio available nutrients to keep your best friend on the right path to happy and thriving adventures.

Vegan and grain free snacks are full of nutrient rich ingredients, high in antioxidants, vitamin, minerals and fibres for optimal well-being for your dogs. 

Human grade, hand made, and ready to enjoy with your animals, we hope your best friend and you enjoy them as all the other dogs that get their taste buds on them! 


How many cookies should I feed my dog?

We recommend up to 3 snacks a day for your best friend to enjoy! 


Will hemp make my animal “high”? 

No. Hemp plant varieties grown in Australia are certified to contain only trace amounts of THC.


Is hemp food legal in Australia? 

Hemp foods were legalised in Australia and New Zealand in November 2017.


How long does your biodegradable bags take to break down?

Our bags are OXO biodegradable, with oxygen and dirt they take up to 80 days to breakdown.

The silica sachets are also biodegradable.

The labels we use are paper and uncoated.


How long is the shelf life? 

Animal Hemp Co snacks have a shelf life of 2 weeks once opened, because we use fresh and high quality ingredients with no preservatives, no refined grains, no sugars, no additives and no emulsifiers.

We recommend placing in the freezer for a summertime snack, or for prolonged shelf life up to 10 months ( if they last that long with your best friend giving you puppy dog eyes for more) dogs are scavengers and it won't hurt them to eat "older treats" if they have oxidized quickly in humid areas.


What do you put in your treats? 

We use ingredients fit for human consumption that is mostly locally sourced, natural, vegan, preservative and sugar free. 

From Hemp Seed, Oil, Flour and Fibre, to Coconut Oil, Peanut Butter, Green Apples with skin, Sweet Potato with skin, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Carrot, Flaxseed and Coconut Flour, we hand bake with love using the highest quality ingredients, with as much as possible sourced locally.


Shipping costs, how much?

Shipping is free within Australia and New Zealand!

Shipping costs overseas are on a country by country basis.


Shipping times, how long?

Australia - 3 to 4 business days.

International - 5 to 14 business days.